Thursday, May 20, 2010

What Is The Best Time To Hunt For A Job?

I was asked this question many times.

I agree job opportunities somehow are a tad more during the non-holiday season, i.e., from March (usually after the Chinese New Year) right up to October. One of the main reasons is that employees that wanted to make a move would usually throw in their towel after obtaining their yearly bonus. And most companies pay out their bonuses at the end of the year or right before Chinese New Year. Thus, attrition rate is lower between November and February. No resignation, no opening. Well, at least in most cases.

But seriously if you are hunting for a new job, there is really no perfect timing. Openings happen whole year round and even during hard times. Bear in mind, the opening must be something relevant to you. Hence, there may not be that many openings, say during a holiday season but the job that is right for you happened to be available then. And probably the chances of you getting the job are higher during holiday season as less people are competing with you since many people cannot bear the thought of losing their bonuses (even when it’s not contractual and not knowing whether there is any bonus or not).

One thing to remember is that job hunt is not just about sending out your resume and hope for the best of an interview. The process should begin with you knowing what you really want and how you are going to get there, and keeping your networking going and alerting the head-hunters. Having a plan is crucial, mainly to reduce the mistake of applying and ended up in the wrong job.

So if you are waiting for the right time to hunt for the job, don’t wait. Start right away. The perfect timing is NOW.

Good luck!

Suggestion: You can start your job search here.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hiring Mistake – The Top Five Reasons

A job vacancy has been filled. You breathed a sigh of relief. But wait a minute…

One week passed

Two weeks came and gone

One month and then two months…

He’s been here for two months now. But he does not seem to be performing. We obviously got in the wrong guy.

Doubts surfaced.

Have I made the mistake of hiring him? He seems to be so right for the job. What went wrong?

The top five common mistakes:-

1. Did not do any reference check on candidates. An easy step but often overlooked by hiring managers. (Referencing checking on Potential Employees)

2. Job opening is an urgent one. Out of desperation, the hire was made to any candidate that can start work immediately. Other candidates may be more suitable but they have to give at least one month’s notice. We can’t wait that long!

3. Candidate was a “smooth” talker. The “excellent” verbal communication skills and the charm of the candidate had “blinded” your judgment. Instead of considering the most qualified candidate that matches the requirements of the job, you were wowed by the “great” personality demonstrated by the candidate.

4. Candidate was recommended by someone within the organization, probably somebody in higher authority. Candidate did not go through a proper interview process, hence, no one really knows whether there is a match or not.

5. Hiring manager is not well-trained. As simple as that. We hate to admit it but if you are not trained, you tend to hire people that you like and able to connect with, rather than the most suitable person.

These are the common reasons and they should warn us to take the necessary precautions to avoid such pitfalls.

But let’s be honest, hiring mistakes happened, even to the shrewdest among us.