Friday, July 30, 2010

Should I Or Should I Not Thank The Employer

I had gone for an interview and I realized I am not that interested in the job. Should I or should I not thank the employer?

It’s only polite to say thank you after every interview, for the time spent by the interviewer/hiring manager.

The industry can be small, depending on how you look at it. Keep every bridges you build. You may not know when you need to cross one of these. You can always word your email that includes a line like: “After some contemplation, I concluded that the position is not a good fit for me. But, I appreciate the time you spent interviewing me.”

The truth is you won’t lose anything by saying thank you. But most people would think it’s too much trouble. Instead, they choose to completely ignore this basic courtesy.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Oh God! It’s Official. We’re Having An Affair!

It’s a line I picked up from the movie, “It’s Complicated”. Having affairs is of course complicated, whether it is with your ex-husband or otherwise.

You've heard it before: The workplace is a hotbed of extramarital affairs. Why is it so? Is it because more women are in the work place? Or the long working hours spent with our colleagues on a project? Or the cologne we wear at work?

Last week, I met up with my ex-colleague.

Hey, do you know that both William and Henry had divorced their wives of less than five years of marriage? And guess what, William married his new subordinate that joined a year ago and Henry married one of the company’s suppliers. William was having the affair for more than a year before his wife found out. Worse still, everyone in the office knew about it as it happened right under their nose.

How to prevent affairs in the office? Nina Chen has some suggestions.

Should employers care?

Can we? Our HR policy does not say it’s illegal for two married employees to have a relationship. It’s a personal matter, anyway.

Think again. It won’t be that personal anymore if things go awry and the drama twisted into sexual harassment. Or putting other employees at risk when one of the spouses that were being cheated storm into the office in a rage?

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Career Change Is Not Job Change

A career change involves a significant shift in jobs that includes a change in skills, knowledge or a totally different job specialization. If you change industry but your skills and knowledge in your next job remain the same, it is a mere job change.

For example, when an accounts executive leaves a trading company and join a retail company in the same position, he is making a job change. However, if he leaves the accounting field of a trading business to become a Make-up Artist in an entertainment industry, he is making a career change to a different job specialization and different industry.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Top 10 Online Job Sites in Malaysia (2010)

Mid of last year, I listed down the top 10 online job sites in Malaysia. One year has passed and it’s time to update the list. Who's in and who's out? Instead of referring to Jobzing now, this list is based on Alexa traffic ranking.

Alexa provides information about traffic to a website, denoting its popularity. The lower the ranking number, the better it is in terms of its traffic. However, it is not entirely accurate as information is derived from browsers that have Alexa toolbar installed. But until a better website ranking system is invented, we shall take Alexa’s information to compare the sites.

(Note: The figure next to the job site is traffic rank in Malaysia)

1. (No. 44)

2. (No. 295)

3. (No. 579)

4. (No. 691)

5. (No. 822)

6. (No. 1037)

7. (No. 1722)

8. (No. 1838)

9. (No. 2166)

10. (No. 2490)

Of course, I'm darn happy to see faring so well in the past one year.

But a fair statement should be made from the recruiter's point of view and that is I had found job sites no. 1, 3, 5, and 7( most effective in getting the talents I want.