Thursday, January 13, 2011

Being An Expert Takes More Than Talent

How many of us can boldly claim we are experts in our fields? According to my Oxford Advanced Learner’s dictionary, expert means, “person with special knowledge, skill or training in a particular field”. By looking at its meaning, we can assume an expert does not just appear from the womb. Rather, the knowledge and skills are obtained over time.

I happened to work closely (on voluntary basis) with a Christian scholar, Dr Ron Choong whom everyone that met him will marveled at - for the amount of knowledge and intellect he possessed especially in the field of theology and science will blow your mind away. “Is he always that gifted (talented)?” some had enquired before. We marveled at his amazing memory – the ability to remember dates, events and difficult jargons. Well, having the opportunity to know him personally, he will modestly tell you there’s no secret at all. It’s not because he possessed this super duper brain that can store more megabytes than normal people. Rather, he will tell you it involves lots of sweat and hours of toiling. It’s about being disciplined with your mind and your time!

And it’s not purely hard work alone. For hard work doesn’t lasts if one does not has an interest or passion in the subject. And it does not stop there. What if there are obstacles along the way? Do you hang on there or quit the minute you smell trouble? Your decision depends on the amount of motivation and passion you had developed for the subject.

Conclusion: it’s a combination of talent, time, hard work, passion and resolve to become an expert in your field!

It’s no joke to be an expert after all.

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