Wednesday, March 9, 2011

BN Youth Job Fair 2011

BN Youth wants to make a difference this year. To ensure the young generation is provided with enough job opportunities, the idea of organizing the largest career fair event ever came up. This job fair is going to take place from March 25th to 27th 2011. They are expecting 500,000 job seekers to flock to Putra World Trade Centre on these three dates and hope to break the Guinness World Record - an ambitious feat but not possible.

The companies participating in the fair are from various industries ranging from manufacturing, agriculture, services, hospitality, banking, engineering, IT, medical to civil service.

So to all the unemployed and job seekers that are looking for better opportunities, besides applying jobs via online, print media or through referrals, a good avenue is through career fairs such as this. Yes, if I were you, I’ll make sure I’ve a date with BN Youth Job Fair 2011 on these dates.

Besides meeting with prospective employers, there are other attractions that include on-the-spot creation of video resumes, resume clinics, internship opportunities, career talks and a 'skill enhancement corner'.

As always, admission to the event is free.

Good luck, job seekers!!