Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What Is The Generation You Are Part Of Really...Take This Test

This is extracted from Penelopetrunk.com. Though it's an old article, I find it really interesting to use digital media engagement to assess which generation we are truly from. She interviewed Margaret Weigel, who has worked at Harvard and MIT doing research on digital media engagement. Weigel thinks that we should not judge people rigidly by the years they were born. She says, "If we want to define people by categories, it should be by behaviors because this is something each of us chooses."

So here is a test. Add up your points and find out what generation you're really a part of:

Do you have your own web page? (1 point)

Have you made a web page for someone else? (2 points)

Do you IM your friends? (1 point)

Do you text your friends? (2 points)

Do you watch videos on YouTube? (1 point)

Do you remix video files from the Internet? (2 points)

Have you paid for and downloaded music from the Internet? (1 point)

Do you know where to download free (illegal) music from the Internet? (2 points)

Do you blog for professional reasons? (1 point)

Do you blog as a way to keep an online diary? (2 points)

Have you visited MySpace at least five times? (1 point)

Do you communicate with friends on Facebook? (2 points)

Do you use email to communicate with your parents? (1 point)

Did you text to communicate with your parents? (2 points)

Do you take photos with your phone? (1 point)

Do you share your photos from your phone with your friends? (2 points)

0-1 point – Baby Boomer

2-6 points – Generation Jones

6- 12 points – Generation X

12 or over – Generation Y

Whoa lah...my score: 14. I might have scored more if I shared the same written language with my parents. My parents primary language is Chinese but mine is English. We simply don't write to each other. It's weird, I know..:P

So, what's your score? Do you think this is a good indicator?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Job Hunting Ethics: Candidate No Show

Candidate: Hey, thanks so much for helping me to get an interview. I know you've done a lot to help me...

2 days later - On the day of interview...

My client: What happened to your candidate? She did not turn up!

I called. I smsed. I emailed - and this is what I wrote...

Dear xxxx,

Trying to contact you via your hand phone but no reply yet. XXXXX notified me that you did not turn up for interview today. Would really like to know the reason. I trust you have a good reason because you seems to be interested in the post based on our past conversations. So, I find it strange that you did not turn up.

Kindly call me when you read this mail.

I would really appreciate it.

Thank you…:)

No reply whatsoever. I gave her another day. Usually in such cases, there are two possibilities. The first one is the candidate has a change of mind, something like a bride having cold feet last minute and decided to ditch the whole thing. Or it could be a genuine situation in which the candidate had an accident and was lying unconscious somewhere and thus, unable to make contact (In my entire recruiting career, only one case fell in the latter).

And it's rather easy to verify whether it's the first possibility or not. Use a different mobile phone to make the call.

In this case, I was rather disappointed that the call was answered and more disappointed when the line went dead upon hearing my voice.

Have some guts, girl! Say it and own it!

Why was it so difficult for the candidate to make a call and say she is no more interested?

This is not just a case of poor job hunting ethics, it's simply rude - lack of basic courtesy. Period.

If you can't keep an appointment with a friend, is it normal to get into a disappearing act?

No, you don't.

But I guess it is no big deal if it's an acquaintance. And of course, one incident like this won't hurt your career so much, would it?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Perfect Job?

I will be happy if I can just get my perfect job..

I will be happy if I can just find my perfect man..

We desire perfection. The day must go by as I had planned and when it did, oh...it's a perfect day! If it does not, it is simply a lousy day! So, what we are saying is this - "perfect" is when the result falls within our expectations. Anything less is imperfect!

But what if our expectations are flawed? That we do not have all the clues to know what is perfect for us.

A simple example is getting a perfect man. Most of us set out in life to look for the perfect man. When do we know whether the man is the "perfect man" for us or not? Is the measurement based on the fact a couple's ability to stay together till death do them apart? Is that it? Or do we really know for sure? Come to think of it, there's a lot of risks involved. At the point of decision, we simply weigh what's at stake and take a calculated risk or in most cases, simply based on a gut feeling. Do we know for sure? I guess not.

So, do we know what's the perfect job for us? We probably use the same approach.

Yes, we take our chances. All the time.