Friday, May 27, 2011

Job Site Versus Employment Agency

For a job seeker, use both. You should not limit yourself to only one channel. In fact, you should try all relevant channels - apply direct, through your connections, job fairs and etc.

But as an employer, which is better?

Well, as a former HR Manager and now owning a job site as well as a recruitment agency, I’ll say it depends. The nature of the vacancy, budget and time are three main factors you should be concerned with. If I were a HR Manager again, I’ll use both because the main objective is to get the best talent. So, why should I restrict myself to a certain source or method of hiring?

Let’s look at some pertinent differences and find out the benefits and disadvantages of both methods.

Job sites or online job portals usually offer a job posting or resume access package or a combination of both. You post/repost a job. If you are lucky, you get a system that does pre-screening for you. You can either login or get your applications via email. You check through the applications, short list the ones you think are suitable and interview them accordingly. It’s DIY all the way although some sites offer help in posting the jobs on behalf of employers.

Job Site’s benefits:
• Cheap
• Get direct candidates
• Able to promote company’s brand to a large audience

• Time consuming going through all the applications
• No guarantee period offered

An employment or recruitment agency usually assigns a Consultant to take charge of your account. You provide all the necessary details such as job description and requirements, and even some information that may appear sensitive to be put inside a job advertisement. The Consultant work on the job by checking out their database, post the jobs online and whatever means they can find. The goal is short list candidates that meet the criteria of the job. Candidates will be interviewed or assessed accordingly (e.g. personality assessment or test) before they are forwarded to their clients/employers. In other words, taking over the “leg” work of a Human Resource Practitioner of a company.

Employment Agency’s benefits:
• Save time
• Pay only upon successful hire
• Guarantee period offered – free replacement if found not suitable or candidate resigned within a stipulated period

• More expensive than using a job site
• Service given not up to par

As you can see, both have their benefits and disadvantages. My advice is to use both but having said that, some common or general positions are best advertised on job sites as it’s cost effective.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Easy Money, Hard Money

"I want a job that is easy and can get as much money as possible. Tell me how to get that kind of job."

It's not irrational to think of money. After all, we do work for the money.

But it's irrational to think that money can come easily without you sweating for it. So, my answer to the above question is, "Be a gambler." It's easy and you do get a lot of money. But it's a high risk affair. High risks, high returns. Everyone knows it. Easy money, high uncertainty.

People like some amount of certainty (even though nothing is really certain but we like to think we are in control)

And that makes up more than half of world's population. These people study and they work hard and sweat to earn a living. "I trade in these skills and number of hours in return for this number of cash." Agreed. Signed. Certainty. Low risks, low returns.

Easy money with certainty? Fat chance.