Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Retiring at 60 - I Want To or I Need To?

Both MTUC and MEF had agreed to a proposed mandatory retirement age for private sector workers to be set at 60. Of course, this piece of news drew a lot of debate from both employees as well as employers. Some welcome them believing it’s high time we increase the age as life span of human beings had also increased over the years due to better medical health. Of course, employers might not be that happy. It looks like getting the deadwood out is going to be a great hurdle now. Others believe it’s a ploy by the government since this might have an implication on their EPF savings withdrawal.

Conclusion: it’s good news to some but bad to others.

In the past two years, I had an interesting observation. Never before in my recruitment career had I received more applications in their 50s and 60s than of late. I remember the first time I received an application from a 65 year old man, I exclaimed in disbelief! It shows the Malaysian population is aging and with the privilege of education, people with tertiary education might have retired but their minds are still very alert and they feel they still have the capacity left in them to continue working.

But something else begs explanation.

Why do people in that age group wanted to do a full-time job? Full-time as in 5 days a week, 8 hours a day.

My parents that are still alive, in that age group and are physically healthy won’t be keen on a full-time job. They contribute their energy by helping out in the family and others on part-time capacity. For example, my dad helps out in the residents committee that actually requires quite a fair bit of his time and commitment and doing some pastoral work on behalf of the church by visiting those that are sick in the hospital. But a full time job? Nah…

So, my best guess is that those who seek full-time employment at that age group probably need the extra cash. I know I'm not too far from the truth. I have a friend who is single and she is in her late 50s. She openly admitted that without children, she simply does not have the extra income for daily sustenance and she thanks God for good health as she is able to work as an English Lecturer on contract basis. She loves her job but if given a choice, would she enjoy slogging herself marking papers till late at night? Perhaps not.

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