Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stop Doing It!

I read somewhere about the late Frank Sinatra that he was excellent at giving up the things that did not move him closer to his goal. One of the sayings, “Frank Sinatra doesn’t move pianos.” This does not mean he is vain or found manual work too undignified for him. It simply means he understood his fame and fortune rested on his singing ability, not his ability to get the stage ready for him to sing! He did what he did best and allowed others to perform their best on things they did best.

As most of us are hard-pressed for time, the way we make use of our time is important. Otherwise, our goals can never be achieved. For example, a Customer Service Manager’s goal is to be a General Manager one day. But if he spent most of his time attending to customers’ queries and not on “managing” his team by developing and coaching them, his goal of becoming a General Manager can never be achieved or might take longer to be realized. So even though he is excellent in customer service, he should STOP doing it. Instead he should invest more of his time and energy in the activities that are focused toward his goal.

It is and has to be a deliberate act. Are you going to include this in your resolution this year?