Friday, February 3, 2012

What Is The Thing To Pursue – Excellence Or Success? {inspired by 3 Idiots}

I was watching 3 Idiots last night and this is one movie that leads us to question our motivation. For example, do we go to college to get a degree because we can get a good job and lead a comfortable life thereafter or simply because of the joy of learning?

I suspect the former reason describes most of us.

“Who was the first man that landed on the moon?” Everyone in the class shouted, “Neil Armstrong”. Who was the second man? No one replied. The professor then went on to explain the importance of being the top and never settle for second, and that life is literally a race. And getting good grades is important to reach there, to be somebody. So, we chased after degrees and upon graduation, we chased after positions and status. We buy houses and cars, and accumulate possessions and we compare ourselves with one another. The more we have, the more successful we are – that’s the measure of our success. We want to retire earlier and reward ourselves, "Ah, I'm the smart one." But when we are not there yet, we pumped ourselves harder to get there.

Now, is it all about getting there?

Have we missed the meaning of learning?

Have we forgotten the importance of putting our hearts and soul into something, to excel in it simply because of the joy of doing something meaningful?

I like to believe that when we pursue excellence or follow our passion, success will follow. And it’s a success not defined by what others think it is for the meaning of success is subjective. But it’s a success according to our own definition when we are doing something that we are passionate about and meaningful.

Ok, enough said. To get more inspiration, go watch 3 Idiots.