Friday, September 28, 2012

Are You A Rhino Or A Hedgehog?

I learned something about resolving conflicts recently - in a marriage course. We all know about conflicts – that they are inevitable and its difficult to resolve because we tend to have different opinions and we are naturally selfish. But most of us fail to handle anger properly because we are either rhinos or hedgehogs.

Rhinos or Hedgehogs?

This is rather new to me but by knowing whether we are a rhino or hedgehog helps. As most of us might know, rhinos have a reputation for being extremely aggressive and they charge readily at perceived threat. That’s their instinct and it was observed they charge tree trunks and termite mounds without giving a second thought. That’s who they are – can’t change that.

On the other hand, hedgehogs are small little animals that have stiff, sharp spines (similar to porcupines). They are small enough to fit in our hands but too prickly to hold. When disturbed or under threat, they will curl up into a tight ball, with its spines sticking out in all directions. And it will take an incredible amount of effort to get them to uncurl themselves.

In a conflict when we are upset or provoked, we can react like a rhino that launches an attack without thinking or we can be like the hedgehog, withdraws.

It’s good to find out what are we as well as those that we are working closely with. That would be the first step towards resolving a conflict.

So, after the exercise, I discovered I’m a true hedgehog. The "withdraw" reaction comes out in the form of silent treatment, needless to say my better half has never appreciated that much :p

So, what are you?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Time Is Money

Took this picture to depict time is money. And lo and behold, found a nice poem to go with it. This is so random and I like it.. :)

Quick pace,
Quick pace is what wins the race.
In life there is only stuff to get done
so you can just move onto the next one.

The list never ends
and if one does another begins.
Never enough time, but always enough to do.
In life what you get done is what you get judged by.
Nobody cares how you feel
but more of what you've accomplished.

To be important you must have money,
and to have money you must be sold.
Sold on something,
so much that it impresses people.

There is no time to balance,
you must just blast away,
day after day, after day.

Because time is money
and to waste time is to waste money.

{Poem by Aaron H.}

Thursday, September 20, 2012

He that Would Have The Fruit Must Climb The Tree

You want to eat? You got to work! You can’t rely on hand-out, not in Malaysia for sure. Today my mind kept going back to this woman – a divorcee with two young kids. And she was out of job recently. Her last pay was RM1600. Can a family survive with that? Sure it can… well, she did. And she’s aware of this truth – he that would eat the fruit must climb the tree! She's not sitting on her laurels, but hunting hard for a job to put food on the table.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Running, Migraine and Mental Strength

Most people get into exercise because they wanted to lose some kilos. Not me. I’m blessed with a slim figure, a tad below weight in fact, so I get into exercise purely because I wanted to sweat. But I’ve also been fairly lazy in the past two to three years. I used to golf every week but somehow other priorities took over and my golf club had been sitting pretty in the store room ever since. And that was when my bouts of migraine started. I knew one of the answers to fight the migraine is to be fit physically. But my legs and hands refused to budge.

I equate that with weak will. And I don’t feel good.

I was inspired by my friends and hubby who did 10km run a few months ago but it was short-lived as I realized the amount of hard work one needs to put in. So I let it go. Besides, I simply don’t have time. Of course, that’s an excuse. We simply make time for things we care about and I blame it on photography as that was what I really cared about in the past one year :p Anyhow, deep down I know I need to do something, else how do I get rid of my monthly migraine love affair? Cafergot should not be my long term rescue remedy, right?

The turning point.

I was holidaying at Pangkor Island Beach Resort. They have this beautiful 1.2km stretch of white sandy beach. It’s supposed to be a relaxing holiday so the whole afternoon I was doing nothing except immersing myself with Kafka On The Shore. I needed to get up and do something. It’s almost evening and before the sun set, I decided to run along the beach - bare-footed. And lo and behold, I managed to run the stretch of 1.2km back and fro without stopping. Perhaps it’s the beautiful beach or the lovely breeze or maybe the build-up energy but whatever, the feeling was incredible! I wanted to do it again. So the next morning when most holiday makers were still in bed, I woke up early and repeated the run - back and fro and I tell myself, hey, I can do this!

Need to get the momentum going.

When I came home, I told myself to get serious with my new found delight. So, one fine morning before I went to office, I did seven rounds at the park next to my house. One round is approximately 450m. Yes, I surprise myself for managing 3km. But how can I motivate myself further? I mean I can always maintain a 3km run as long as I do it regularly. That's some form of exercise, isn't it? But that would not do for me. Okay, this seems silly but I thought tweeting about it might inspire me to set higher goals. And believe me, it did.

Two days later, I aimed for 5km. When I was on my eight round, my mind was telling me to stop because my legs were crying to stop. They were truly exhausted. I told myself, I don’t have to hit 13 laps to get that 5km. It’s okay I don't achieve it this time…there is always next time. But another part of me said, I can do it! Girl, don’t allow your mind to hold you back. It’s achievable. Be focused!

Finally, my better self conquered!  I did it!

Basically our bodies are much stronger than we think. So the challenge is really not our legs but above the shoulders, our MIND. Mental strength is so crucial at those critical points and I believe that’s what it meant by Mind Gym – we got to work our mental strength first and if that is conquered, almost anything is achievable. Ah…now I earn a bit of bragging right but the story is not finished yet… my next target, 10km!