Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What Really Annoys Me… (telling this to Hiring Managers)

Time and again, we hear grouses from employers about the lack of ethics on the part of the job applicants. I think we should sometimes turn the table around and find out what the other side has to say. And mind you, they have their portion of complaints too.

So here you go… the things the Hiring Managers/Employers do that annoy the job applicants.

1. Was told during the interview that the applicant’s experience does not match with the job scope. You got to be kidding? And ends with this, “I’m sorry. I was too busy. No time to read your resume beforehand.” A “Sorry” is not quite good enough, don’t you think so?

2. Being interviewed by several people at different times and questions asked were repeated. At the end of the day, the applicant suffered from a hoarse “sexy” voice. C’mon, can the employer plan ahead and get their act together?

3. Called in for second interview and was told the company can’t match the asking pay and therefore can’t offer the job to him/her. This is a waste of time and needless to say, giving false hopes to candidates as most often than not, a second interview usually ends with the deal sealed. On another hand, it’s amusing because a rejection can always be done via a phone call or email. Is the employer trying to be courteous? Then you got it wrong!

4. Verbally offered the applicant the job but changed their mind after that. Whatever explanation given after, no amount of justification can mend the damage. If an employer can’t keep his word, that speaks a lot about the company.

5. The classic one has to be this: made to WAIT for a job interview, not 10 minutes but it can be as long as an hour. Where’s the respect? I think employers should not justify their action by saying it’s a test of patience. Lousy excuse.

I believe job search ethics apply both ways. If you want the applicant to respect your time and be punctual, you should do the same too as the Hiring Manager. Agree?

Do you have an annoying experience to share with us?