Wednesday, November 20, 2013

This Is The Best Time To Find Jobs

It’s November going to be December soon. This is the time when the schools are on holiday and most professionals will also take the opportunity to clear their leave by taking long vacation. In the recruitment world, this is usually the quiet season.

But if you are a job seeker, is this the time to wrap your arms around and do nothing?

Some companies and HR Dept. with outstanding vacancies have to ensure KPIs or targets met by filling up the vacancies before year-end. So, what better time to get yourself noticed when time is running short for the Hiring Managers?

Some companies with policy of “use it or lose it” budgets, might also want to quickly speed up their hiring process before year end. If you happened to be the guy that fits the job, you might be offered right away.

Your chances are higher is also partly due to lesser competition. Many job holders might want to wait for year-end bonus before they decide to make any move.

Precisely when so many temporarily stop their job search, it makes this time of the year a good if not better time to double your job seeking efforts.

The advice is this: don’t take a break from job hunting at this time of the year. For all you know, the unexpected holiday gift may be in the form of a new job offer.