Friday, April 24, 2015

Jobsmart - Your Talent Sourcing Partner

Hi readers, this is an advertisement for Jobsmart Malaysia. Check out the benefits for Employers/Hiring Managers below.

At Jobsmart we understand the need for tailored recruitment methodologies and employment solutions to meet the individual needs of Employer-client’s business. Our specialization is in placement services for executive full time positions to blue-chip multinational corporations, public listed companies, SMIs and SMEs.
Suitable candidates, possessing the appropriate technical, cultural and professional qualities will be recommended according to the individual job specifications. Candidates are sourced through Jobsmart’s database, and a combination of social networking and commercial advertising.
How can we help?
Costs saving
Employers-Clients may spend thousands of ringgit on job advertising in print media or online job portals but they may not guarantee success. Jobsmart only charge upon successful hire and besides, we provide replacement for candidates that resigned or found unsuitable during the guarantee period.
Time saving
We save Employers-Clients’ time by recommending candidates that had been prescreened by our experienced Talent Search Consultants. We put great emphasis on quality and only recommend candidates that meet the criteria of Employers-Clients.
Experienced Talent Search Consultants
Our Consultants are well-trained and experienced. They are mature and possess years of experience in the recruitment industry before they are assigned to service any Employer-Client account. Besides knowing the necessary interview techniques, they are able to analyze objectively personality and other tests given to candidates, thus provide the right professional and cultural fit.
Personal approach
As part of our commitment to quality, our Consultants communicate with our Employers-Clients regularly to ensure we understand the requirements well.
It is our vision to be a trusted talent sourcing partner to our Employers-Clients and our mission is to provide personalised service, accurate and timely talent match to them.
Besides priding ourselves as a talent search consultancy, Jobsmart via this website also provides a place whereby freelancers can take the opportunity to advertise their services free of charge. Employers-Clients can contact them directly, a service that is commission-free.
For further enquiry, you are welcome to email us at Thank you.